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e-mail us at: info@ddaycd.com



D-Day Records "Forget Me Not" CDs

24 bands and 24 songs. All metal two disc set.

March 14th, 2001 -- Bands from all over the United States are being chosen for the brutal bashing CD "Forget Me Not". Expect heavy to the extreme in style and content of this release. Thrash and death tossed up with a variety of geographic earth shaking heavy bands. Deep dark and nationwide.


The deadline for submissions has been extended to no deadline.....but if you snooze ? you lose !. 

If you would like to be considered for this release send your press kit to:

D-Day Records attn. Compilation
P.O. Box 7042
Madison, WI  53707-7042

If your band is selected you will be required to pay the $150 entrance fee and will receive 10 (two disc) copies of the release. Anticipated release date is spring 2001. 200 copies will go to the media worldwide. Please do not send entrance fee unless you have been contacted first.

All profits from the sale of this release will go to Stand Up For Kids and Disabled American Veterans. Two discs of metal for two very worthy causes.

These bands are confirmed:

Disarray - "Black Truth" (Kentucky)

Bent Sirkis - "Against It" (New York)

Illuminati - "Resin" (Wisconsin)

War Between One - "False Idol" (Pennsylvania)

Inner Fear - "Impure" (Texas)

Stash - "Slow" (Ohio)

Shiver - "Low By Nature" (Florida)

Sledge - "Digga Big Chunk" (North Carolina)

Life Beyond - "Never Dead" (Maryland)

Unsanctified - "Empty Veins" (California)

B.E.N.T. - "Brain Trust" (Wisconsin)

unconfirmed bands: We are taking a long hard look at these acts !!! send in your submission and lock in your spot now !!!!!! you snooze ? you lose !

Blind Rage - "Mind Eraser" (Arizona)

Solace in the Shadows - "Devils Kiss" (Pennsyvania)

Insurect - "Fool of All Senses" (New Jersey)

CROP - "tba" (Kansas)

Blessed With Pain - "tba" (Illinois)

Celebratum - "tba"

Shattered Soul - "tba"

Under the Surface - "Murder in the Garden" (Wisconsin)

Begin the End - "Zoned"


For More Information Contact:

P.O. Box 7042 Madison, WI 53707-7042

Internet: info@ddaycd.com