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e-mail us at: info@ddaycd.com


As a company, we want to network with as many individuals, bands and organizations as possible. 

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Abortus (Australian thrash death metal)
Ásmegin (norwegian metal)
Ballzdeep (metal)
Bruised (bruising metal)
B.E.N.T. (progressive modern metal)
Clearwater (blues-funk-rock)
Cobzweb (big heavy metal fusion)
Core Device (metal)
Cranium (India metal)
Deepest Symphony (dark metal)
Dog Fashion Disco (circus metal)
Endymion (doom metal)
F.I.S.T (metal)
Fred Pepper (hard-rock)
FuTrack (hard-core-metal)
Liquid Violence (power metal)
Low Twelve (metal core)
Onus (black metal)
Ordained (metal)
Peoples Fault (hardcore)
Profane (power metal)
SMP (techno-industrial-hardcore)
Soul Destruction (metal)
Troy Stetina (modern guitar and instruction)
The Pipe Circus ( multi influenced rock)
Uncle Eddie (punk-funk-rock)
War Between One(brutal fresh new metal)
Windell Greene (post punk)
Winds Of The Black Mountains (black metal)
Y-LAB (hard-core punk)

Adrenalin 'Zine (Mike's metal 'zine)
AnvilheaD Productions
Audio Agression/ Neckbreaker Online Music Reviews
Death Metal Music Association
Eclipse Records
Eternal Frost 'Zine
HK-MFG Compact Disc Manufacturing
The International Union of Heavy Bands
Leviathan Records
Mental Echo Records
Necromantic Productions(black metal videos)
Punishment Zine Swedish metal zine
Realms Of Darkness 'Zine
Rockfetish.com (music T-shirts and more)
Skullf*&k Zine
Splattergod's Dark Domain (death/black metal site)
String Tech Guitar and Bass strings
Stryker Records
The Indie Contact Bible contacts galore !
Underground 'Zine Scene
Vangalder Records
X-Rated Records