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An INNER-VEIW with Tones of Bruised on the bands purpose and the subject of Heavycore The International Union of Heavy Bands.

You guys are from Geneseo, Illinois right ?

Only two of us are from Geneseo. The rest are from the Quadcities. Making music here is a reflection of where we live. Most of us hate where we live and write a lot of pissed off songs. If I could live anywhere I would go to Sacramento California because there is tons of competition, the scene is awesome and the music industry is there.

What is the most profound thing about the music of Bruised? Any one liner lyric quotes that stand out for you? If you had to pick a single favorite that best represents the band, what would it be?

The most profound thing is that we are a team on stage together. We all take our music seriously and it shows on stage because we flip out and feed off each other. "You want it so get down" WALKAWAY. I pick all of our songs as my favorite because they all are our reflections of who we are.

It is my belief that all bands should have a good manager. What is it like working with Robert Miller ? What is his relationship with Bruised like? Where did you meet him?

Bob is a relief for us because he allows us to concentrate on song writing instead of trying to balance everything all together. It gets very stressful because I used to handle all affairs. Our relationship with Bob is that he is another member of the band. We met him at the PIG PEN in Clinton Iowa and we blew him away. He offered a helping hand from the get-go and through time we allowed him to carry more responsibilities.

When and where are the next Bruised shows? Who are your support acts and WHY?

Right now we are taking a break because we've been booked for a long time and need the rest and time to work on new songs. Go to https://www.angelfire.com/rock/bruised for show info. Our support acts are anybody that rocks out that share a similar interest/style because it benefits them and us.

What is the title of the new Bruised release and where can people pick it up?

The title of our CD is going to be INCONSOLABLE. We are not totally sure on the release date, but we will keep you posted. People will be able to pick up copies at coop record stores and through Steve Helmer.

Any words on what heavy core means to you? I know you were one of the first members right?

Sure, Heavycore is a brotherhood that allows heavy bands valuable resources and info to work together instead of against each other. It is beneficial to all heavy bands struggling for shows due to depressing music scenes. Yes we were one of the first members to join Heavycore. After talking to Pete from Low Twelve I signed us up because it is something that can't hurt and I liked the idea. I'm amazed and pleased with how big Heavycore has grown.

It was very cool to see you at the Heavycore Poser Roast meeting. What motivated you to attend the meeting? Any comments on its content?

I wanted to attend the meeting to hear what was going on with Heavycore and hear more about its intent. The content of the meeting was very valuable to anyone that attended. It really showed that Heavycore was serious about preserving heavy shit.

What is the exact nature of why you play music in the first place? What got you started, what kept you going and what will keep you going in the future?

I play music because it is an outlet for me. I was inspired by a local cover band about four years ago and picked up a guitar. My ambition to play in a band kept me going. Also, the satisfaction of writing a song with four other awesome musicians is what keeps me going. My passion for playing guitar and learning to progress is what will keep me going in the future.

How do you view your competition with other bands? I am confident you realize that many are fighting for the spotlight these days?

First off, any band trying to make it big should realize that it is a competition just like anything else in life. It is how a band handles being competitive that gets me. Some carry bitterness and jealousy for their insecurities and others handle it with humbleness and professionalism. There are a lot of haters in this world. Some look at us and say, "these guys act like rock stars." I say Fuck those people because its not about that. We are just a very confident band with serious goals, serious intentions with a professional mannerism. That in itself should separate what a band is really all about. I think bands should worry about those things first instead of being arrogant and egotistic about the, "spot light" We are a competitive band but don't rank ourselves because it is a competition with ourselves not with other bands.

Rumors were flying around that Interscope was looking at Bruised or still is? Are you at liberty to give us all the inside scoop on what really went on with that?

We were talking to a certain individual named Tom Schmall from Interscope records. He just wants to hear more from us but unfortunately we have no product finished. Nothing more than that really. No "big deal" or lies about it. That's it.

Any final comments for the road?

Thanks to all that have been genuine and great to jam with, hang with, and associate with! You know who you are...much respect. Drink beer and get BRUISED! -Tones

Check out the official Bruised web site at : https://www.angelfire.com/rock/bruised

*for more information on Heavycore The International Union of Heavy Bands please visit:  http://www.heavycore.org