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From Sweden with PAIN

Interview with :

Mike and Daniele of F.I.S.T.

You guys have been very busy lately. Whatís going on over there in Sweden ? Tell me in detail the recent activities of the group, I heard you were in Greece recently ?

Both: Weíve been busy making some new songs, and focusing on what we want to do in the near future. We have a gig coming up and we are rehearsing for that. Otherwise it has been about everybody finding his place in the band on a long-term basis.

Mike: Danieles and David's entry to the band worked really good when we recorded the EP. Since then they have worked on finding their permanent place in the band.

Daniele: Yeah, it feels good now that I have been a member of the band for some time and been a part of the song-writing process. I think its coming along great.

Mike: Four of us (Me, David, Mats and Mac) went to Greece this august and had a small vacation for two weeks. It was great, lots of sun, women, booze and good friends! Iím surprised those two weeks didnít kill me. But, what doesnít kill you only makes you stronger! (Laugh)

The new CD "Play with me" is being well received on United States shores It is getting radio play, promotion and a lot of media attention. Who is over there making this all happen ? What promotion is taking place in Europe ?

Both: Of course Steve Helmer of D-Day records deserves all the credit in the world. He has really put his neck out for us repeatedly over these two years. He has been real good support and we know how much work he has put in to this. We have been sending out lots of promo copies of the EP here in Sweden and also to other countries in Europe, like England and Germany, just to get the music spread in the underground scene. Were printing out stickers to advertise for our website.

Mike: After all, almost half of the hits on the website are from Sweden.

I know you have whipping out new songs for another release. How is that going ? can your fans expect the same sick and twisted style ?

Daniele: Itís going great. I love our new songsÖ

Mike: Yeah, we are always trying to get sicker and more twisted! (Laugh) I think that we have broaden our music very much, and I think you can hear that in our new songs. A lot thanks to Danieles and David's new input from where they are coming from musically.

What keeps F.I.S.T. together as a band ? are you all good friends and hang out apart from working on music together ? What do you all do on your "day off"from playing music ?

Well, FIST has always been about us all being very good friends. We have known each other for many years, since the schooldays actually.

Mats and David share an apartment and we tend to hang out there a lot. Watching DVDís (mostly starring Jenna and her friends), drinking an occasional beer or two once in a while.

Daniele: FIST is a big, and I mean BIG, fan of alcohol. Mike, pass me that Carlsberg. (Laugh)

Name your worst fears and most powerful strengths as they pertain to the music industry. What would you consider the price for success ?

Daniele: To stand for what you do and try not to get too influenced by what people think and say about it. Unless its positive and creative criticism, of courseÖ

Mike: Most important for me is at the end of the day to be able to be proud of what you do and to stand up for it. The important thing is not if other people think its this or that, but that I am proud of it. If people then enjoy it, it is going to feel ten times better.

The web site is awesome!! ( http://www.fistonline.com )The content and flash animations are some of the best I have ever seen ! Who does that for you? Would you consider the Internet to be a huge asset to the success of the band ?

Daniele: Thank you! Well, we have made our site ourselves. It started with me and Mike revamping our old site. Mike has been very good at keeping it updated, and he has also been adding new stuff all the time. I think itís a great way to reach the fans, and also to get new ones.

Mike: There are so many possibilities to interact and getting credit from people all around the world. Mostly the States though, and thatís great. Daniele is very artistic and a magician with Photoshop, the design of the website is actually his idea from the beginning.

Both: The site is the way we got in contact with D-Day Records, and eventually got signed to the label.

The underground exists all over the world. What would you say are the differences between the underground in the United States and the underground in Sweden ?

Both: The size. Unfortunately there is no real concentrated audience for metal in Stockholm today. Its very underground. Though Slipknot is getting lots of heads spinning here in Sweden, and hopefully winning a few battles for the scene in Sweden.

Who are your favorite bands to listen to ? From both major labels, indie labels and underground alike.

Daniele: I like all sorts of music. One favorite is of course the early Metallica. Pantera and Down are other big favorites. Metal, rockabilly, surf instrumental, Soul, its all in the rack. Lately Iíve also even begun to listen to modern ríníbÖ I could go on forever, so Iíll leave it at that. (Laugh)

Mike: I like music; I would like to believe that there is something good in everything.

I listen to everything from Metal to Pop to Rock to Ríníb to Soul. One of my favorite bands is Dave Mathews band, great live band! When it comes to metal Iím much for the classics like Pantera, Slayer, Megadeth and Machine head (probably the best band in the worldÖ).

What are your thoughts on the combination of rap and metal ? would F.I.S.T. ever write music like that ?

Both: Thatís not really our style, and to write that kind of music wouldnít quite be F.I.S.T.

Mike: I would like to collaborate with a good, interesting rapper some day. Not build a song around the rap, but instead, him (or her) coming in doing his thing to us doing our thing.

Daniele: I like Limp Bizkit and Hed(pe) a lot, but I feel as Mike, it wouldnít fit our style of music.

Where do you guys rehearse and write music ? tell me about that. What is the atmosphere of the creation of F.I.S.T. music ?

Both: We rehearse at a place we rent just five minutes from Mikeís place. Itís a great big room where we can mosh our heads off.

Mike: I rehearse there with two bands and spend sometimes up to six days a week down there.

So itís important that itís cozy, and it is! We decorated it ourselves.

Daniele: I love the times when we are all jamming and build a song out of that, when we are all banging our heads and just let our minds go. I have to admit it can sometimes get a bit uptight, we all loathe those moments, but when everybody is in the mood, we kick ass.

Your lyrics are sang in English but you do of course speak Swedish as a native language, is this something that is an obstacle for you ?

Mike: It is, you always have to be careful not to sound too Swedish when you write in English. Lots of times it can sound really dumb. Lyrics are very important, and that is one part we have worked on improving on our later songs.

Daniele: I agree, we have definitely become better at writing lyrics in English.

The independent label D-Day Records signed F.I.S.T. as its very first band. They have not received any money to date to promote you. As a team you struggle together to make names for yourselves as artist and label. Any words for them ?

Mike: I am very glad to be signed to D-Day. Itís not a big label, but itís a good label sticking behind us whatever we do (as long as we do it good).

Daniele: I know Steve has been working hard for us, even with all the obstacles he has faced.

Mike: One of the obstacles being that we are on the other side of the pond. But that is also a good thing. We are working over here for the good name of D-Day Records in Sweden.

When are you guys coming to the United States to play shows ? We hope to see you all over here performing live sometime in 2001 !!!!! let there be Pain. Pure Pain ! Do you look forward to playing to an American audience ?

Both: That is a huge wish for us, to come over and play for an American audience. To be able to do that would be a dream come true, and when we come over, we will definitely bring pain, and lots of it. (Laugh)

Any other thoughts in conclusion of this interview ?

Both: Hope to be seeing you all soon!

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